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As you can see there are different definitions of screed. Numbers 2 and 3 are relevant to the material we will be looking at, number 1 is what we hope this doesn’t turn into and number 4 is our main interest.
There are many different types of screed so let’s start off by dividing them into Thick and Thin.

Thick screeds - depending on type and application these are generally above 25 mm in thickness and are used as a new or replacement screed. These are usually cementitious or gypsum based

Thin screeds - used as repair screed or refinishing layer on an existing damaged or worn floor screed. These are usually a form of resin screed.

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Find Me Screed - Where’s the Screed?
Before we can answer that question for you there’s another question that needs answering.
Screed - WHAT is it?
1.noun - A long monotonous speech or piece of writing.
2.noun - A strip of wood, plaster, or metal placed on a wall or pavement as a guide for the even application of plaster or concrete.
3.noun - A layer or strip of material used to level off a horizontal surface such as a floor.
4.noun - A smooth final surface of a substance, such as concrete, applied to a floor.
The above definitions courtesy of www.dictionary.co.uk